Week 12 – Fond Farewells… and Cake!

This week marked my last week as an intern at Wizards of the Coast.

Knowing the end was near, I got a bit manic about wrapping up my work and ended up staying late almost every day this week.  I managed to tune up quite a bit of test automation and finally resolved a persistent issue with data file imports that had been plaguing me.

I released a new version of a C# tool which assists in debugging a particular database issue that was previously onerous to troubleshoot.  This tool has already proven quite popular within my department, and is my parting legacy.

I also wrote up a “QA Intern New Hire Resource Guide”, which was basically a knowledge dump of all the best links to helpful resources & tools I’d found, both inter-company and from the web at large.  Hopefully this will help out the next batch of interns to work at Wizards.

My team held a little farewell party for me:

Goodbye Cake

I count myself blessed that it didn’t say “Get Out Justin”.

It was a bit sad to pack up my office, but I am grateful that I was able to network with so many fantastic people in my time there, and I can check “Work at Wizards” off of my bucket list.

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