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Week 9: Cleaning House (And Code)

This week, I began wrapping up my project.  Only one week remains until this thing must be worthy of demonstration in front of a class full of peers, so adding new features has to be de-emphasized in favor of reinforcing stability & adding documentation to the project.

Major New Features:

  • Added the ability to give a conditional statement.  For now, this is limited to wall sensing.  So now, “go forward until you hit a wall” is a legit command.
  • Added the ability to repeat a command a specified number of times.  i.e. “Turn left ninety degrees twice” or “Beep six times.”

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • I reorganized quite a bit of the python code and added docstrings to all the functions.
  • I added the ability to toggle voice/text input/output modes as well as debug mode.  Previously, these were command-line options or hardcoded.
  • Added punctuation filtering to user text input in order to avoid ugly crashes.  Should be a lot more user-proof now.
  • I added some more documentation to my prolog code.
  • Stabilized the photo-taking code.  It still crashes in IDLE, but works great via console python.
  • MANY small grammar reinforcements & bug fixes.

The last major feature I hope to add is a “help” menu, which will give the user an overview of commands and some examples of usage.

In the meantime, I am beginning to brainstorm about my in-class presentation and am also working on outlining my final project paper.

Next week I will post all of the sources for the final program along with a project summary.  In the meantime, here is a writeup of the full command grammar that the robot accepts:

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