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Week 7 – Web Test Whack-a-Mole

This week was largely spent revising some existing web performance tests, and expanding their coverage on a particular business application.  At this point, I feel pretty confident in my ability to create quality component-based and data-driven web tests that can be used for both acceptance and performance testing.

I have begun studying more about Windows Communication Foundation testing.  WCF is frequently used for service-oriented applications, which seems to be the way the industry is moving at the moment.  I will continue working more on WCF testing next week.  I also had some exposure to writing SQL scripts for the purpose of data generation.

Sadly, this was the last week for my co-intern Kunal.  Though he may have left the building, his spirit lives on within the team… as does his image, pasted to the resident office mummy and mounted to the back of Lunk:

Kunal's presence lives on, especially for Lunk!

Kunal’s presence lives on, especially for Lunk!

This week was national “Crack a Pack” day for Magic the Gathering, and the office celebrated with a literal mountain of booster packs and some pretty cool swag:

A literal swag bag.

A literal swag bag.