Week 9 – Saving The Environment

Most of this week was spent installing a new build of a major Wizards web service to our performance testing environment in preparation to do some load testing analysis.  I also worked to ensure that it functioned correctly and integrated successfully.  This required some remote troubleshooting along the way as well as some database work.I also did some independent research into load balancing, and reviewed some Architectural Design Documents (ADD) and Technical Design Documents (TDD).  It was pretty interesting to see how these are written in the real world.  Being a software architect would be a fascinating job.Sadly, this week marked the end of my remaining fellow interns’ time here.  We celebrated their departure with cake. I will miss the daily card games against them in the lunch room.

I am now the lone intern standing, and until such a time as they move someone into the old interns’ spaces, I have a huge office…

My workstation at WotC.

My workstation at WotC.

I just have three more weeks to try to work my way up to a corner office with a window!

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